Digital Forensics

If you are concerned that essential data has been lost in your organization or at your home, or that data has been misused – possibly with a criminal background – then only quick action with professional support will help.

A fast and complete backup of electronic evidence from various data carriers, which also hold in court, can only be carried out professionally by an experienced and professional IT forensic expert using special forensic software and hardware. Internal IT departments or IT administrators are often not or not sufficiently prepared and trained for such incidents (see Training).

The backup of digital indications and evidence should be started immediately to reconstruct the crime as accurately as possible. The rapid intervention of IT forensics experts also makes it possible to restore any case-relevant data at a later date.

In suspicious cases, you should not access the respective IT equipment or edit existing data in any way without consulting a trustworthy IT forensic expert. Valuable electronic evidence can be destroyed by merely switching a digital data carrier off or on.

  • Legally usable backup and evaluation of electronic data carriers
  • Concealed data and information retrieval
  • Recovery of deleted data
  • Removal of encryption on electronic data carriers
  • Detection of irregularities and possible criminal offenses
  • Short response time
  • Professional IT Forensics Laboratory
  • Certified IT Forensics Experts
  • Legally viable working methods
  • Guaranteed discretion


Our IT forensics services for computers provide forensic data backup and analysis of computers, laptops, servers, raid systems, NAS, USB sticks, SD cards and other storage media.


Digital forensics services in the mobile sector guarantee the backup and meaningful evaluation of data from mobile devices or smartphones (iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry, etc.). We also offer “Chip Off” (expansion of the flash memory of the device), “JTAG” (joint test action group) and “ISP” (in-system programming).


Under certain conditions and by means of a professional IT forensic approach, our IT forensic experts are also able to back up the digital data stored on a cloud and prepare it for further analysis.


Forentec also offers the backup, extraction, and decoding of user data of vehicle infotainment and telematics systems for vehicles. This service includes data evaluation of coupled mobile phones, GPS devices, and various vehicle events.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The term Internet of Things (“IoT”) stands for “intelligent objects.” In this context, Forentec offers the security and evaluation of alarm systems, digital wristbands (“Bluetooth”), refrigerators and other so-called smart devices.

Social Media

Our forensic services in this area enable the complete backup and analysis of social media profiles on various platforms, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, XING and YouTube. The corresponding evaluations include personal data such as locations, memberships in groups and clubs, friends and networks, shared information (e.g., status updates) and shared media such as photos and videos.

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