Data Management

Thanks to our professional services in the field of data management, deleted and damaged data can be recovered and thus “rescued” from a wide variety of data carriers.

In this regard, Forentec also offers the secure deletion and disposal of various data carriers. “Second-hand devices” often contain recoverable data and thus possibly personal information. Forentec helps to ensure that such confidential files do not fall into the wrong hands.

Digital data carriers are an integral part of our everyday life. Very valuable, personal and highly confidential information in the form of electronic information is often stored on appropriate data carriers. When data needs to be recovered or securely deleted, it is worthwhile to leave this work to experts. Forentec makes every effort to ensure the integrity of the data, be it during data recovery or secure deletion. We guarantee an irrevocable deletion of the data and safe disposal of the data carrier.

  • Recovery of deleted data (data recovery)
  • Forensically secure deletion of data (data deletion)
  • Certificate of the deleted data carrier
  • Irrevocable destruction of data carriers
  • Safe disposal of data carriers
  • Free pick-up and delivery service
  • Destruction of data carriers (also on site)
  • Environmentally friendly disposal
  • Guaranteed discretion

Recovering of Data (Data Recovery)

We offer a fast, professional and reliable rescue service for all types of data loss, whether it is a mobile device, hard drives, SSD, servers, RAID systems, virtual infrastructures or other digital media. Forentec has the necessary expertise, and the best tools to quickly and professionally correct an imminent or already occurred data loss and to recover the data.

Deletion of Data (Data Deletion)

Forentec also offers various forensically secure services in the area of data deletion (data deletion service). If data carriers are to be deleted only sporadically or only a few data carriers are intended for the final deletion of data, Forentec takes care of this without the need to use internal IT resources. We also confirm the forensically secure (irrevocable) deletion of the corresponding data carrier.

Disposal of Data Carriers

Forentec destroys data carriers professionally and irrevocably. Our support cost-effectively ensures the integrity of IT assets and the personal and confidential information stored on them, as well as environmentally friendly disposal. This protects not only personal, confidential and organization-specific information such as employee and customer data, but also the environment.

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