Your Partner in the Fight Against (Cyber) Crime

We offer professional and comprehensive services in the areas of security assessment, data analytics, cybercrime, digital forensics, e-discovery, and data management. Forentec also conducts training courses in the field of prevention.


We are your specialized and professional partner for legal and factual questions concerning digital data and electronically available information. We specialize in security assessments, data analytics, cybercrime, digital forensics, e-discovery, data management, and training. We have many years of experience in the conception, implementation, and management of such projects. We have successfully demonstrated our competence in a large number of national and international projects of various sizes and industry contexts. Forentec has the practical know-how to meet the numerous technical and legislative challenges associated with such sensitive projects. Our goal is to offer our customers pragmatic solutions with innovative approaches in the shortest possible time on the basis of a transparent and fair pricing model.


We want to offer IT security and IT forensics services that allow our clients to react with professional and competent support to the diverse and continuous changes in the digital environment and – according to individual needs – to benefit from digital data. We provide our customers with access to electronic information on a wide variety of digital data carriers, which would otherwise be withheld from them. This requires continuous training of our experts, many years of practical experience and openness to new developments with regard to the rapid technical development of digital devices, the various storage media and the electronic information available everywhere. The extensive, practical wealth of experience (best practice) forms an integral part of the Forentec company philosophy and our success.

We are also always open to constructive feedback, which allows us to improve constantly.


The company name Forentec is a combination of the terminology of forensics and technology. Forentec GmbH is a Swiss company headquartered in Zurich. The sole proprietorship Forentec Bloch was founded in 2014. After successful establishment on the market, Forentec GmbH was founded in 2015.

What Sets Us Apart


Forentec uses highly specialized technologies and tools, which are among the market-leading products in their respective fields. To ensure that the appropriate expertise in a fast-moving sector is always up to date, Forentec continuously invests in further training. Consequently, we always offer our customers the latest and thus most professional know-how in combination with market-leading technology.


In consultation with the customer, objectively clear questions are worked out that document the underlying need as clearly and precisely as possible. This is the basis for a joint decision on the measures to be initiated and the corresponding planning of the project. We aim to meet the highest expectations regarding quality, efficiency, and effectiveness with our services.


Thanks to our many years of experience and our independence, we are in a position to respond to our customers’ needs and provide a prompt solution without any loss of time. Our powerful tools ensure the best possible efficiency, which minimizes working time and the associated costs.


It is natural for Forentec to treat and process the sensitive data of our clients with the highest possible security and discretion. Regardless of whether the data remains with the client or is transferred to Forentec for external processing, secure handling of customer data always has top priority for us.


Even if the solution to a question is not clear or cannot be deduced with the usual measures, we always try to meet the needs of our customers with alternative and correspondingly innovative approaches. We are ready and willing to take on the challenge of finding a solution with new approaches for even the most demanding cases.


The lean structure of Forentec enables us to offer fair prices. In addition, our pricing strategy is subject to a model that underlines the independence of our advice and guarantees our clients maximum transparency regarding the upcoming costs over the course of a joint project.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!