TeelTech Advanced Flasher Box & Bootloader Forensics

In this five day class, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of today’s most useful and effective flasher boxes and bootloader utilities to unlock and acquire mobile device memory. Applicable to both high-end Android devices, such as the Samsung S6 and similar, down to the low-end devices from manufacturers such as BLU and others that use the low-cost MediaTek and Chinese chipsets, such tools and techniques enable examiners to expand their options when addressing such devices.

In the Flasher Box portion of the class, students will gain an overview of today’s best Flasher Box tools, and install and use them to image devices. A selection of today’s most useful boxes will be supplied for students to install and image devices, and a complimentary collection of boxes will be provided to the students to take home with them after class.

In the bootloader part of the class, students learn how bootloaders are applied to access device partitions for unlock or bypass lock purposes. Lessons in using ADB Commands,
identifying whether a phone has a FRP lock and how to bypass it, and use CWM and TWRP to unlock a device, access memory and image the device.

Practical lessons on a variety of devices will be provided, devoting plenty of time to hands-on work.


What Will I Get?

Students Receive the TeelTech Flasher and Unlock Kit with Class!

The kit consists of:

  • Furious Gold Dongle (with all packs activated)
  • BST Dongle with Cables
  • NCK Dongle

Laptop Minimum Requirements

We encourage students to bring their own laptops whenever possible. If this is not possible, please contact us in order to find a solution. If you do plan on bringing your own laptop, please ensure the meet the following requirements.

Laptop Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.x and 10.x using these instructions (turn off driver sig enforcement)
  • macOS with Bootcamp Windows 7
  • macOS with Bootcamp Windows 8.x and Win 10.x using these instructions
  • macOS alone will not work (No Virtual Machines)
  • 8GB RAM (minimum)
  • 100GB storage (minimum)
  • You must have Admin rights or have the admin password for software installation.
  • NOTE: ALL Windows updates should be done prior to class


  • Cellebrite P.A. Dongle
  • Encase, FTK, X-Ways Dongle
  • Access to a HEX editor
  • External USB 3.0 Storage Device


Description TeelTech Advanced Flasher Box & Bootloader
Date 29.11.2021 – 03.12.2021
Place Zürich (Uster)
Duration 5 days
Language English
French (23.03.2020 – 27.03.2020)
Min. Participants 6
Max. Participants 12
Price CHF 3’950.00 excl. VAT

Important Information! Classes are not confirmed until 30 days prior to course start. Please do not consider an acknowledgement letter or invoice as confirmation that a class will definitely run. Please feel free to contact us to before making travel arrangements, to confirm the class is going forward. A confirmation notice will be issued when a class is confirmed, or a cancellation notice if it will not be held.

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