Organizations often tend to believe that they do not need IT forensic services and therefore do not need to use such methods. The ability of such organizations to react appropriately, professionally and most importantly immediately to possible incidents is therefore not guaranteed. For this reason, trade secrets and other organization-specific confidential and personal data collected and processed in an organization are at risk. This threat not only entails major financial risks but can also significantly damage an organization’s reputation.

The decisive factor for the readiness of appropriate reactions and a possible IT forensic investigation is professional preparation on the part of the organization. In the complex, rapidly changing everyday working life, an incident can occur at any time that requires rapid backup and evaluation of existing digital data as well as appropriate IT forensic procedures.

Electronic data and information have long been the heart and thus the basis of an organization. Against this background, it must be an important concern for those responsible for guaranteeing comprehensive data protection, to prevent misuse and to be able to react quickly and adequately in the event of suspicion of possible shortcomings. However, the reality is different. Many organizations are reluctant to initiate internal investigations. Be it from lack of technical know-how, too high costs, employee insecurity or the fear of “waking sleeping dogs”.

With our services in the area of employee training, we want to ensure that our clients behave correctly in all current challenges. By IT Forensic Readiness or Digital Forensic Readiness, we mean all measures within the framework of which Forentec supports the development and implementation of guidelines, procedures and other organizational and technical measures. The aim is to find the most pragmatic and efficient solutions that meet the needs, technical possibilities and financial resources of our clients.

Forentec develops all necessary, essential and appropriate measures together with the client so that he is prepared for any incidents and can react immediately, competently and professionally to irregularities within the organization.

  • Activation of the human factor
  • Sustainable change in the behavior of your employees
  • IT forensic readiness (digital forensic readiness)
  • Process review and optimization
  • Creation of an “emergency plan”
  • Training for IT administrators
  • Sensitization for irregularities
  • Exchange of experience (network)
  • Courses in German, French, and English
  • Certified IT forensics experts with many years of experience
  • Guaranteed discretion

Employee Awareness Training

Integral security and information security focus on raising employee awareness. Organizations must take targeted measures to guide and motivate their employees to act “safely”. The components of an employee training can be eLearning modules, seminars, and workshops, various print and e-media (for example flyers, posters, leaflets, intranet sites, games), competitions, as well as the regular publication of current news. The optimal combination of the individual instruments is of central importance for the success of the campaign.

IT Forensics Readiness

We support internal readiness for IT forensic challenges with professional training. Forentec helps its clients to identify security gaps, to define processes correctly and in this context to develop answers and solutions to relevant, important questions. As experts in the field of IT forensics, we have many years of practical experience, which we incorporate into our training courses in a target-oriented and profitable manner.

IT Forensics for IT Administrators

Our IT forensics training courses for IT administrators provide a further understanding of the technical implementation of IT forensic precautions and measures. As a rule, these experts have a very good technical understanding on the basis of which level Forentec can build, demonstrate and explain what is important in IT forensic investigations. This is to ensure that no counterproductive measures are taken in the event of an incident and that timely and appropriate action can be taken within the organization before an expert is called in.

IT Forensics Test Case (Case Study)

Forentec has developed an IT Forensics test case (case study). Based on this case study, an incident customized for the client can be played through from A to Z assuming real conditions. The client decides which event is to be given particular attention. The case can be simulated either with the help of our experts or independently within the organization. The exercise is followed by a debriefing by the expert with tips for the future handling of such an incident or a similar scenario.

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