The term “eDiscovery” originates from the US Code of Civil Procedure and is foreign to the Swiss legal system. However, to avoid sanctions and business disadvantages, Swiss companies are increasingly complying with the discovery orders of US courts.

With our eDiscovery solutions, various types of data (ESI – electronically stored information) such as text, images, calendar files, databases, tables, audio files, animations, websites or programs themselves can be systematically, promptly and cost-efficiently reviewed. This also includes e-mails as a very valuable source of information. Users are usually less cautious there than when dealing with written correspondence or handwritten notes. We are also able to digitize physically existing documents only and read them into the eDiscovery system. In this way, these documents can be searched and processed using keywords, for example.

As part of such eDiscovery projects, for example, eDiscovery platforms provide lawyers with easy access to their clients’ data to view and analyze it for a specific purpose. These intuitive platforms make it possible to generate various meaningful evaluations and analyses as well as graphical representations of identified facts with little effort.

Compliance with the chain of custody (CoC) is crucial for eDiscovery solutions. Taking this requirement into account, Forentec can prove at any time that all existing data has been processed and that only a complete and correct evaluation is available. With our final report, we document and verify the complete totality of the investigated data.

The eDiscovery solution from Forentec can be set up either via a secure access via web browser or locally at our client’s site. In this way, it is possible to review the existing data and documents with several people at the same time. If required, Forentec supports and makes up to twenty reviewers available for an analysis, which, if desired, can work on the entire review project independently.

Our eDiscovery services are based on a billing system that provides our customers with a clear overview of the costs incurred and guarantees the corresponding transparency.

  • Deduplication of duplicate identical data
  • Simultaneous teamwork
  • Intuitive review of documents
  • Secure remote access via web browser
  • Ongoing overview of the entire course of the project
  • Reduction of complexity through visualization
  • Sorting of data records by individual filters
  • Grouping of e-mail conversations
  • Tagging and export of case-relevant data
  • Audit trail of the performed review work
  • Legally viable final report
  • Online Review (no installation required)
  • Automation of processes
  • Secure hosting
  • Electronic discovery reference model (EDRM)
  • Fast and optimized reviews

Illustration eDiscovery Review Platform

Relevant Data Search

Efficient management of eDiscovery processes and electronic evidence is critical to a successful investigation. In view of increasingly complex legal requirements and a growing volume of data, the process of securing evidence is becoming increasingly difficult and costly. Due to its technical expertise and professional case management, Forentec guarantees competent and efficient handling of such an eDiscovery project in every phase of the process.

Review Platform

We have a web-based eDiscovery platform hosted on secure ISO 27001 certified servers recognized by FINMA. This platform has no program limits and is available for reviews of documents in simple Office programs, various e-mail formats up to Adobe programs or Framework. This data can also be viewed, edited, commented on, provided with keywords or subjected to a so-called “transparent predictive coding” procedure (automated evaluation procedure) by several persons simultaneously.

Review Team

As part of a more extensive investigation, a significant amount of digital data needs to be analyzed. It may take several weeks or months to view and evaluate all existing electronic information and the corresponding files via the eDiscovery platform. Forentec can provide up to twenty professional and experienced experts to support this work (“review”). These resources can complement an existing internal team or – if no employees are available – work independently on the entire review project.

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