Cybercrime has many faces and is increasing in frequency and range. Internet criminals use different methods depending on their abilities and intentions but are becoming increasingly targeted and aggressive.

Forentec carries out analyses of IT systems after possible or previous attacks on the integrity of internal or private data as well as any manipulation of electronic information. We support our customers in determining the extent of damage in the event of stolen or manipulated data and the recovery of deleted or damaged information.

Regardless of whether the attack was carried out by internal or external agencies, as a competent and trustworthy partner we support and advise our clients in solving their problems. The securing of legally usable evidence is carried out according to international standards. Forentec also offers support with extortion in connection with digital data. Be it a threat to override the availability of a website or webshop (“Distributed Denial of Service” attack, “DDoS”) or to cause other damage on a data carrier.

  • Overview and details of attacks that have occurred
  • Investigation of stolen and/or manipulated data
  • Cleaning of compromised data carriers
  • Determination of the extent of the damage
  • Recovery of deleted or damaged data
  • Strengthening the IT infrastructure
  • Fast and professional counter-intervention
  • Specialised investigation partners
  • Guaranteed discretion

Hacker Attack

In the case of hacker attacks, we support our clients competently and professionally both in clarifying the facts of the case and in securing evidence. Together we determine how, when, by whom and to what extent the IT system was attacked, and which data is affected.


So-called malware, for example, makes confidential information such as credit card numbers and passwords entered using the keyboard accessible to unauthorized persons. We support our clients in this respect with the complete cleaning of infected data carriers.

Internet Blackmail

Blackmailing in the context of digital data usually requires the victim to pay a sum of money to undo changes that a Trojan has made to the infected medium, for example. We help our clients to get out of such an emergency situation and at the same time show how such attacks can be successfully fended off in the future.

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