Data Analytics

The experts of Forentec support both in the proactive and reactive analysis of digital data in different contexts.

The aim of data analytics is the analysis and the associated identification of particular patterns of action. For this purpose, data from application systems and their underlying databases are forensically backed up and precisely analyzed using intelligent tools. This evaluation forms the basis for decisions on how to proceed.

Data analytics can be used as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with internal investigations, audits, process and due diligence reviews. Companies have both structured data (databases) and unstructured data (e-mails, office documents, presentations, Excel tables, PDF files, archive files, text and image files and other data types). With the help of our expertise and by consulting or using specially developed applications, we convert raw data into formats that allow subsequent analysis and evaluation.

Thanks to these analysis functions extended by ForenTec, anomalies that indicate possible irregularities can be identified. Our data analytics services are successfully used by our customers to identify a specific customer base (US customers), identify financial inconsistencies in accounts payable and accounts receivable, analyze communication patterns of individual employees, and investigate travel and other expense entries and wage payments.

  • Cost-efficient analysis of irregularities
  • Evaluation of structured and unstructured data
  • Reproducible evaluations
  • Effective internal controls
  • Proactive fraud prevention management
  • Improving the regulatory environment and compliance
  • Specialization in the field of interstate tax disputes
  • Network and cooperation with experts
  • Guaranteed discretion

Identification of Certain Customer Bases

Forentec assists customers in planning and implementing a solid and sustainable identification process. Our proven methods and approach allow our clients to efficiently identify specific client bases such as US clients at financial institutions under the FATCA agreement between Switzerland and the United States. With our know-how and our tools, we support our customers in complying with any regulatory requirements in a cost-efficient manner.

Analysis of Payment Flows

We support our clients in the identification and analysis of complex payment flows. Thanks to our many years of experience and our professional tools, we are in a position to carry out such evaluations quickly and to clearly identify, for example, double or improper payments (embezzlement) as well as false invoices. In addition, fraud and other irregularities in financial systems can be detected based on recurring differences and other typical algorithms.

Analysis of Wage and Expense Payments

Our forensic wage and expense analysis provides the ability to identify patterns or trends in digital data related to wage and expense payments that cannot be identified through common controls. By using special tools and techniques, we achieve that previously unknown and invisible patterns become visible. This can provide valuable information that forms the basis for further investigations.

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