Forentec has experts who are among the best in the field of IT security and IT forensics in Switzerland. We are trained and certified IT security and IT forensic experts working in a secure and professionally equipped IT forensics laboratory.


Lionel Bloch, founder, and CEO of ForenTec, has several years of experience as a consultant in the areas of IT forensics (“forensic technology”) and eDiscovery at two “Big 4” companies in Switzerland. His expertise includes, in particular, the evaluation of digital data from relevant IT resources, the management of eDiscovery projects as well as consulting activities related to data recovery and IT security.

As the owner of ForenTec, it is Lionel Bloch’s great concern to help his clients find pragmatic and sustainable solutions not only with his theoretical knowledge, but also with his practical implementation strength and personal enthusiasm for IT forensic issues. With regard to the development of innovative approaches, he benefits from both his well-founded training and his many years of work experience. The secure and discreet handling of sensitive data is just as natural for him as the professional appearance in the client’s company.

Lionel Bloch is a federally qualified computer scientist with a major in application development. As an officer of the Swiss Military Police, he supports them with his expertise in the field of IT forensics. The combination of many years of experience in the field of security with solid training in information technology has enabled Lionel Bloch to make profitable use of his professional life as an IT forensic expert and security expert in the service of his clients.

Lionel Bloch speaks German, French, and English.


Our customers are our focus. We deploy the appropriate specialist for each task or a customized team with the right competencies.

Our team is made up of experts who are among the best in the field of IT security and IT forensics in Switzerland. They are trained and certified IT security and IT forensics professionals working in a secure and professionally equipped IT forensics laboratory. In order to ensure that the necessary expertise in this rapidly developing sector is always up to date, Forentec continuously invests in the further training of its employees. In addition to the personal know-how of each individual specialist, Forentec has a large network of external, highly specialized consultants from the information technology, business and justice sectors.

Our Philosophy

What inspires and guides us.


We comply with applicable laws, regulations and internal guidelines. We are committed to high standards of integrity in our dealings with our employees, customers, suppliers, the state, and society.

Client Orientation

Our clients are our focus. We do everything we can to ensure that the needs, expectations, and goals of our clients are met, taking into account their individual possibilities and resources.


We strive for the highest quality and precision in everything we do. We always want to be a pioneer in the field of IT and continuously find new ways to address our clients’ challenges and solve their problems quickly, efficiently and effectively.


We cultivate a culture of care, stability, and reliability. We give our clients security and the certainty that we will use all our knowledge, skills and abilities as well as our powerful tools for their benefit.

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